<![CDATA[Texas & Pacific Lofts - Building Reviews]]>Sun, 12 May 2024 13:56:59 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[T&P Lofts Reviews]]>Wed, 30 Aug 2023 23:34:38 GMThttp://texaspacificloft.com/building-reviews/tp-lofts-reviewsWhat do you think of The Texas and Pacific Loft building? Do you have any opinions about the building or neighborhood, or perhaps a review you'd like to share? If so please leave them here as a comment so others can benefit and discuss the building with you. Perhaps you live at T&P and want to tell prospective neighbors what you think about the building to help them with their decision.  Either way feel free to add a comment, but please keep it civil and non-personal.